KLM Airlines Ticket Cancellation

KLM Airlines Ticket Cancellation

KLM Airlines is one of the major known Airlines which provide domestic and international flights. It has 145 fleets excluding subsidiaries with headquarters in Amstelveen, Netherlands. KLM Airlines consists of classes such as World Business Class, Europe business class, Economy Comfort, and Economy Class. You can book the tickets in any of the cabins mentioned and enjoy flying. However, before booking tickets it is very necessary to know about the cancellation policy which not only helps you to cancel the ticket timely but also helps to get the maximum refund. Just read this complete article to know the ways of ticket cancellation.

Why ticket cancellation is required

Sometimes after booking the tickets passengers want to cancel the ticket due to some reasons. You should know the ways of cancellation so that it can be canceled without wasting your time. It is always recommended to check the KLM Airlines ticket cancellation rules and regulations. Ticket cancellation is required to get the money refunded to your source account and in the cancellation process some portion of the ticket amount is taken by Airlines and the rest is refunded to you.

Methods of canceling KLM Airlines tickets:

  1. You can cancel the tickets by visiting the website.
  2. Call customer care and ask the customer care officer to assist you
  3. Go to the Airport and get the ticket canceled

What is KLM 24-hour ticket cancellation Policy?

Every airline has its own set of rules and policies and thus KLM Airlines is also having KLM 24-hour ticket cancellation Policy. Let’s know more about this policy. This policy helps you to cancel the ticket if you have booked the ticket and after that, you want to cancel tickets for any reason.

In this policy, you can cancel the tickets within 24 Hrs of purchasing the tickets and you will get the full refund from KLM Airlines. This policy is available for domestic and international flights including all types of fare. KLM Airlines can cancel this Policy anytime without any notification hence you should know about the latest KLM 244 Hrs policies updates before proceeding to cancellation.

KLM Cancellation Refund Policy

KLM cancellation refund policy is a must to understand for everyone. Your canceled amount would only be refunded if your ticket falls under that criteria. Like when you have booked a refundable ticket then you will get the refund but if you have booked a Non-refundable ticket then you should cancel the same within 24 Hrs to get the refund and avoid cancellation charges. So, while booking the ticket you should check whether it is refundable or non-refundable. After completing the cancellation process the ticket cancellation and refund process take about one week and the amount gets refunded to the source account.

What are the ways of KLM Airline’s ticket cancellation?

The cancellation ways of KLM Airlines is very simple and easy. You have 3 ways and you can choose anyone.

  1. Cancel ticket online- You can cancel the ticket online. It is one of the easiest and simple methods. Go to the “my trip” option and you need to enter your journey details and then you see the “manage booking” option. Once you see this option you can select the “Cancel” option to proceed towards cancellation.
  2. Through a phone call- In this method, you just need to dial the customer care number and then you will be connected with a KLM Airlines customer care office. He will be asking for some details such as number, name, booking number, etc and then he can cancel the tickets. You will also get a notification at your registered mobile number and email id.
  3. Visiting nearest Airport- This method is the last option and most people don’t want to use it as in this method you are required to visit the nearest KLM Airport. You need to just provide your basic details such as name, booking id, etc and then tickets will be canceled immediately.


KLM Airlines ticket cancellation process is easy and simple but to avoid any problem you should be aware of the Cancellation policy and refund policy. It is the best idea to read out the Cancellation policy before booking any tickets. If you want any information you can reach out to customer care or visit the website.

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